YUM YUM 2nd Birthday coming up this Friday


bday_elvis.jpgThis Friday, November 17th, YUM YUM is having its 2nd B-day Party @ die Registratur. We have really been anticipating this extravaganza for some time now. Djs for that night will be Chrome, Schowi and the 2nd area will be occupied and entertained by Clip Club, who is a good friend of ours and will be the very first one to deejay and mix videos and music videoclips on some small screens & tv sets which will be surrounding his booth. Do not wanna give away too many spoilers, but there are some huge things moving your ways. PS.we will make sure to come up with some in-advance presents this week. Also will we be playing the best & latest in YUM YUM Sound on Friday. A truly big night ahead of us. Get prepared for a nice 39264966_8e6907816a.jpgdance this friday, put on a smile and pack your dancing shoes.

Always worth re-checking is our monthly YUM YUM top tunes selection. This months winner has to be that mix of Fergie and James Brown. Mr. Browns old soul classics can surely and always revamp anything that is out 235981694_ba9d2ad258.jpgthere. Also still packing some major heat seems to be last months YUM YUM top tune selection, which is due to its quality still causing some major ruckus . Enjoy both selections and get warmed up for Friday.

Reviews of the past weekend are coming tomorrow (still waiting for some footage) and there snoopy1.jpghave been quite some things going on with Primo in Munich and the Opening night in Düsseldorf.