YUM YUM coming this Friday November 3rd


pumpkin_snoop.jpgThe start of each new month brings a new YUM YUM to life as well as a new freshly squeezed and pretty soulful selection. YUM YUM top tune selection for November found below. Enjoy the neat new Versions and mashes we did this month, and there is plenty more to come… And even last months selection is running like there is no tomorrow. But tomorrow is around the corner and this Friday, November 3rd, its gonna be back to the original core duo of Chrome and Jaws as well as long time friend Ben Jammin next door setting the mood with some smart lovers rock. Friday it is gonna be back aloha_oe.jpgto the YUM YUM sound in its most original form with all of our latest YUM YUM tunes and plenty of feelgood music played in all its variety. Also loads of new goodies found below. Big, big and heavy night ahead of us which we are really looking forward to. A monster of a night just waiting to blow up.

Ps. Hope you enjoyed our latest Cd. In case you missed them there are gonna be more. Stay alert and tune in by the mid of this month before we have our anniversary to find out what other gifts we are going to have for you.