YUM YUM last Friday


charles.gifYUM YUM last Friday was truly a slow storm on the rise and when it hit prime time all hell broke lose. We were bouncing back and forth between musical categories. Playing everything – from the recent mixes & versions to the YUM YUM classics. Got packed kinda late but it was the last day of summer and the weather was an absolute phenomena compared to the last two weeks. A grin & smile was found on every face inside the venue. sunshinekid.jpgSound difficulties with the P.A. were covered up by the sheer amount of feel good music YUM YUM provides you with (and fixed by 1 A.M.). The place was vibing along to a monster of a vibrant sound that was unwinding through the speakers. Thanks for making it mine.
Ps – 2 new Mix Cds on the way and more News this month:
deeznutz.jpg1. A new YUM YUM Mix Cd– with an all new supply and set of YUM YUM Sound & versions – out on September 15th.
2.Tines Tape – neat soul selection (faves & slow steppers)
3. Second YUM YUM on September 15th (with extra special new versions – to be posted here next Monday) and a YUM YUM SPECIAL a week later on September 21st with guest Djs the Rub from New York City. Check their mp3 section.
4. Spreading like the rays of the sun: YUM YUM starting out in Duesseldorf from November 10th on @ Harpune. Salute..
5. All new YUM YUM Gear on its way. More info soon..
Check back this week for more infos and updates on sounds and parties..