YUM YUM last Friday


snoopipod.gifYUM YUM: Last Friday was a neat packed party – and after one of the two djs that night (schu) almost fainted, due to some little weakness attack, he had to go home at 1.30 a.m. in the morning while the night was just starting out. So i had to come in and back up Jaws (the 2nd dj) with Schus records (!). Not that much of an easy task considering i didn’t know 85% of his records. Thank god for the invention of the gooddogpeanuts.jpgpre-cue button. Well the headphone sex was getting to me after a while.. But nevertheless we were doing all right considering the circumstances and i had to to postpone my day off from not deejaying. Well anyhow on September 1st – it is back to the original team and i will have my very own records on me plus invite Schu probably the month diving.jpgafter that once he finishes his upcoming tour. All good and back to normal after last Fridays chaotic record situation. Ps thanks for enjoying the new YUM YUM versions and remixes
ALSO: there is a new mixtape coming out by MiD-September.Check in with me later this week to be the first one to know and receive one.

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