YUM YUM – Midsummer Party – this Saturday, August 4th @ Erste Liga


-11.png“Its been a long time, we shouldn´t have left you, without a dope rhyme to step to…”
Glad we are having this little extravaganza, because we have been M.I.A for some time now. Actually the Registratur closing was a welcome break for all of us. We had some time to regroup, rethink and redo stuff that we couldnt catch up with, since we had our bi-weekly night become a weekly venue.
When we come back on Friday August 17th (at the new Registratur) we will once more be a bi-wekly venue or even more accurate: YUM YUM will take place every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month at the new Registratur. And there have been some more changes: but more on that soon enough. For Now –
There is a very Special YUM YUM going down at Erste Liga this Saturday August 4th. Our entire staff will be there from bouncers to djs etc. By the way Djs will be Chrome, Schowi & Marek. Be in for a treat,  and come back this Wednesday to check out this months new YUM YUM top Tune selection.

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