YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur – all YUM YUM Djs in town!


2427092085_aa2ba896b7.jpgThere is so much going on this week. First of we have the launch of our YUM YUM exhibition this week at Amen. Wanted to do it in that shop, thats way more like us and they are specialized in sneakers so.. nuff said. We are finalizing our YUM YUM tour in November. With the tour we are also gonna kick off YUM YUM in Berlin and Frankfurt, while around the same time we will make a move to Austria (3 spots) and me and Stevie Mac are working on some spots in the U.K. – But read it all for yourself, finely posted below according to topic.

This Friday YUM YUM is gonna be a blast with almost the entire crew in town for the exhibiton. Friday nights Dj duties will be up to Chrome & Schowi & Not:fx on the main floor, while area 2 will be run by Schu, Max & Norbert Schiegl. Even Tand will join us once he is done playing at some company venue rub-out. I know the big O-fest starts the day after that and that always makes it one of the darker nights of the year, cause everyone seems to be saving his or her drinking powers for Smutglory at big O. So make sure to tell your friend and bring everybody along, cause this one is massive. The entire crew(almost) has never played together at one spot and this is your one chance for the next 3 weeks to walk into a club without being blinded by the Lederhosen drunkies, from the Beerfest. See you Friday night & at the exhibition.
Big Tins a Gwan