YUM YUM this Friday & Saturday and more fine Parties


snoopncharlie.jpgGood News everyone… (as Prof Farnsworth would say). YUM YUM on Friday and Saturday. Its actually even three different parties this weekend – almost didn’t mention MaiMun. But first things first. Starting the weekend out is YUM YUM this Friday, September 15th, at Registratur. With the YUM YUM Sound brought to you by Chrome & Tand. The second area is gonna rocksteady with the delightful sounds of selectors: yum summer.jpgBenjammin & Ur-as. After that we will continue our journey up to NRW with the very same team playing at Hundertmeister /YUM YUM NRW this Saturday, September 16th.
On that very same day Munich will have the first day of Oktoberfest and after that the opening party of MaiMun on Saturday, summersurfatnight.jpgSeptember 16th at Woandersclub. With a modern rock selection by Djs Die Redaktion. Check their site for further infos. Be on the lookout for the highly anticipated first MixCd of MaiMun. To be found at Chicas, We shop, Optimal records and Play records. Or YUMYUMSpecial.jpgsimply follow this link for a mp3 version.
Also don’t forget this Friday the new YUM YUM Cd will be finished, hopefully in time to be handed out that very same night. If not it will be in these fine previously mentioned shops, the week after that and handed out at the YUM YUM Special on Thursday, September 21st /at Registratur. A little Extravaganza we are having with the Djs from the Rub (our New York City special guests ).

Make sure to check this months YUM YUM Top Tune selection, in case you haven’t been there yet. Ps 2 new YUM YUM tracks are gonna be posted by tomorrow or latest on Friday.