YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur


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Well its upon the hour for a new and massive YUM YUM in Munich and the huge monthly gig in NRW.
Since we still managed to pull off a nice night last time, although we almost drowned and it looked almost as if a flood of biblical proportions was upon us, we are looking forward to massive night packed with YUM YUM tunes and the friendly vibe that sets us apart from everything else. Thanks a lot once more for showing up so plentyful last time despite the dreadful weather.
On Friday, June 20th we will start with YUM YUM @ Registratur in munich where we have a nice line up consisting of Chrome, Tand Williams, Not:Fx and some yet unconfirmed guests for the night. While on Saturday June 21st, Tand Williams & Schu will take things north and brock out some madness @ Hundertmeister. Have a brilliant week and see you in a bit..

more NEWS:

1. A new Mix CD – YUM YUM Vol. 8 will be handed out this Friday, along the last remaining copies of YUM YUM Vol 7 which a lot of you still havent got yet (it was our fault by the way).

2. Enjoy the new YUM YUM versions i posted below (new material from Schu and Wunder).