YUM YUM this Friday with the original team


snoopfall.jpgYUM YUM coming this Friday septemebr 1st. no experiments this time – the original crew: Chrome & Jaws comes clean with the newest YUM YUM selection for September. Available for download from Wednesday on. Looking forward to the nicest dance around. The second area is going to be kept busy by good friends MaiMun seasunset.jpgaka Djs die Redaktion.
This month is going to be special with a release of a new YUM YUM cd and more goodies that are coming your way. A real monster of a night can be expected this Friday. Check back Wednesday for the new YUM YUM Top Tune selection in bananaplant2.jpgSeptember. [tags]YUM YUM, mashup, Dj Chrome, Jaws, Top Tune selection, Version, Remix,MaiMun, [/tags]