YUM YUM & Top Friend Party – this week in MOSCOW!


Lile every other 1st Thursday of the month – this Thursday its time for a new YUM YUM at Club Solyanka in Moscow. Moscows prime and leading club with Russias YUM YUM djs & residents Pasha & Gatek. These guys seem to get better every time i hear a mix from them. All overseen by mastermind Chris.

Here is a track & YUM YUM favourite that the crowd ate up in Moscow.

Wunder “Lose my Breath” (YUM YUM version)


Chris chillin in a Maybach Taxi – yep, cars drive by with their boomin system.

YUM YUM Moscow . ps check the links for the other stuff they are doing up there.

Top Friend even made its way to Moscow and is gonna go down this Saturday at Justo, which is liek Chris puts it the Runner Up in the ongoing best club competition, that he has on his Moscow blog. Worth checking it. Djs will be Pasha & Gatek with special guest Schowi. Check Paschas mix.