It seems my languaging skills have reached their limit. A trailer has humbled me. Describing it adequately enough is harder than explaining my obsession with erotic dinosaur literature to my family. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.” I know, right?

Before you read any further you should probably just skip down and watch this trailer for Kung-Fury. But be warned! If you liked Far Cry: Blood Dragon, you will fall in love with this one.

…and now that you’ve seen it, tell me, how can you contain all that glory in a fragile description? Let’s try anyways: Every ten thousand years or so when the planets are in perfect alignment, a doorway opens to a magical dimension of dinosaurs and Nazis. Where time-travel and Nintendo Power Gloves go hand in hand, as god herself intended, and Kungfu takes it’s rightful place as the highest form of cultural expression…

A realm where nothing is impossible, and even dino-erotica is not frowned upon. A world without the fear of getting murdered every day by graffiti artists and rapists. *sigh* I’ve stepped into it, and I’m never coming back.


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