New YUM YUM this Friday and last weeks Comic book


display_article_photo(2).jpgAs you all know, there is a new YUM YUM coming this Friday allready as we are making YUM YUM a weekly venue for the last 2 months of the Registratur. Last Friday wasnt all that, as good friend San Gabriel came down from Berlin for his first ever appearance at YUM YUM. All right gig, but we all know the YUM YUM crowd is unique in the music they dig and their dedication to the YUM YUM sound.
See for yourself: YUM YUM comic book for last Friday May 4th.
hawaii-beach[1](2).jpg So i think we will be going back to our Roots and the pure YUM YUM music for the last two weeks and will we doing a nice gig with old time friends/ tagteam Chrome & Marek from La boutique this Friday, May 11th at Registratur. The sounds of summer and sunshine will await you with a dedication to funk, soul, reggae and feelgood vibes from the YUM YUM vaults of music. Recheck this months Top Tune selection.
Ps1. Really hope the new mixtape will be finished by Friday. Ps2 enjoy the new comic book from last Friday and all of todays new goodies. There are plenty below.