new YUM YUM this Friday August 4th at Registratur.


surfguideboy.jpgA new YUM YUM is coming this Friday August 17th. Watch out for the Newsletter where we will, give away a couple of guestlist spots. Finally, we will have our very first YUM YUM at the new Registratur. It has been redesigned and redone to match our new expectations and desires. We want to have the whole venue friendlier and better sounding and and and … its all there people. Why we do not have any Flyers this time? Its pretty simple: our official start will be the 7th of September. This is just a little foretaste and a little thank you to all the readers of this site and alle the recipents of our YUM YUM newsletter. Be in for plenty of new tunes and tons of all new exclusive YUM YUM Sound. Its gonna be a blast being back after this long break and all the time we had to regroup.

url.jpgThis months YUM YUM top tunes and more music below:
PS. 1. Enjoy this new mixtape by the Rubs Cosmo Baker. Check the tracklist and enjoy this funky slice of summer.
2. A little video of last weekends open air YUM YUM in Würzburg at Das Boot, in and outdoors. We had a blast. Too bad we don´t have any shots of the prime time crowd.
3. Enjoy this brand new Joss Stone song.