Looting & Uk Riots – the World is changing


picture via – photoshoplooters

Nothing can be said about a tragedy that will do it just – but what is the tragedy? Is it the violence imposed upon the ones who are now spreading violence. The world as we know it is changing and thats a fact. We are in a privileged position to be witnessing the downfall of those in power. And it will be more radical than we can imagine yet but the times they are a changing. That goes for anyplace in the world these days, the difference is the colour of the leash that you are tied to and the imaginary shackles you started to believe in.

No one in power has anything smart to say about the Uk Riots but british comedian Russel Brand (via the Guardian)


Bob Marley – Burnin’ & Lootin’

ps if you want to know more read this here – seems like the only legit news

Since the the Uk has sown the same fruits as any western country (or any country in general) they are reaping the same fruits. And thats why is think this song fits.


Ms.Amerikkka – Aceyalone