The Milkcrate #2 Fonzi Thornton – I Work For A Livin’

Never heard of Fonzi Thornton? This East Harlem born vocalist/producer/song writer/radio personality/DietPepsi-Cheerios-jingle-soloist is like the human version of a YKK-zipper: omnipresent as can be, yet never noticed. Having sung background for literally everyone (Chic, Jacko, Ray Charles, Aretha, Luther, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker etc. etc. etc.) plus their beloved mother, one could say that it shouldn’t hurt to show homeboy some love during your next dj-set…I’d recommend to play this one from the top and sport your sassiest „I told you so“-grin while people are starting to go nuts in disbelief. Jam!


Fonzi Thornton – I Work For A Livin’