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The California Dreamin Milkcrate #6 Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

Los Angeles traffic is THE worst. To compensate for it, CA has some of the best radio stations in the world. I remember being stuck on the 405 South after a way too long day at work listening to this 70ies rock station. When the sun started to set, this song came on (very 8th grader essay-ish, I know). You get the picture. Extraterrestrial! If this one does not get you away from it all, I don’t think I can help you…79 is the year and the whole LP is an absolute nugget.


Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

The Milkcrate #5 Lee McDonald – I’ll Do Anything For You

McDonald’s (there, I said it) LP “Sweet Magic” is just what the name suggests and further one of the most beautifullest things in the world of (though not hailing from the city of brotherly love) Philly Soul. Alas, it remained terrifyingly underrated. Check out how wrong you were for not having him on your radar for yourself. Oh, and since some studio drummers were still paid in coke those days, shout out to Lyon’s Patchworks for the DJ-friendly editing.


Lee McDonald – I’ll Do Anything For You

The Milkcrate #4 South Bronx – The Bottom Line


So thrilled I stumbled upon this today at this thrift store I go to once in a while! Browsing for records there is no walk in the park, trust me: it makes ‘The Thing’ in Brooklyn look orderly and I have the worst allergic reactions in there.  However, it pays off every now and then – like today. I had completely forgotten about this 82 jam. Sophisticated Barbecue Boogie is what it is. Sharing is caring, so here we go! Side remark: this one is for all you folks out there tired of hearing Missy Elliot’s voice at so called ‘old school’ parties.


The South Bronx – The Bottom Line

The Milkcrate #3 Double Exposure – My Love Is Free

“Dude, the best things in life are free“ – “Yeah? What about sex?“ Overheard conversations on the train can be rather inspiring. I don’t know if it’s today’s sun that floods me with all this altruism, but somehow, i feel like sharing this 76 Salsoul gem below with you: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a ten minute testament of what music can do. Beauty ad infinitum. Have a great weekend kids!

Oh, by the way: Purchasing a 12inch copy of this record and playing it (I recommend the Walter Gibbons mix) on a decent system will really make you wonder if enjoying music on your swiss army knife phone (with integrated nose hair trimmer and crème brûlée torch) is actually the real deal. Peace and Love!


Double Exposure – My Love Is Free 12″ Mix

The Milkcrate #2 Fonzi Thornton – I Work For A Livin’

Never heard of Fonzi Thornton? This East Harlem born vocalist/producer/song writer/radio personality/DietPepsi-Cheerios-jingle-soloist is like the human version of a YKK-zipper: omnipresent as can be, yet never noticed. Having sung background for literally everyone (Chic, Jacko, Ray Charles, Aretha, Luther, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker etc. etc. etc.) plus their beloved mother, one could say that it shouldn’t hurt to show homeboy some love during your next dj-set…I’d recommend to play this one from the top and sport your sassiest „I told you so“-grin while people are starting to go nuts in disbelief. Jam!


Fonzi Thornton – I Work For A Livin’