the Power of Nightmares documentary


pon_docu.jpgThe Power of Nightmares is by far the best political documentary that i have seen in recent months. Adam Curtis BBC 3-part documentary explains that Al Qaida didn’t exist till September 11th 2001 and how it all came about. Why and how both fanatic groups, the Islamist extremists ánd the American Neocons are driven by the very same fear, who they were influenced by, how the Islamist Extrimists became a substitute for the collapsed Soviet Union (the former “Empire of evil” – Ronald Reagan) Adam_Curits.jpgwhich was a neccessity and driving force in all of Americas ambitious undertakings after WWII, and how this entire messed up world sitiuation came about. Very detailed and very well researched film. Full online stream of all 3 parts on google video. The Guardian on Adam Curtis movie.
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