YUM YUM B-day, this Friday @ Registratur


YY-071102(2).jpgA new YUM YUM coming this Friday, November 16th. Not just any regular YUM YUM night but it’s our anniversary and instead of making it a conventional night, we more wanted to bring back together all the people that started out the entire thing. Instead of making it a big bash its better to spend time with your family on your birthday, isn’t it? Meaning the Djs will be Jaws, Schu, Roots Rockers & Chrome playing all their favourite tunes and the tunes they identify most with YUM YUM. I love the idea of all of us getting down together for one night. Will be a lovely night…

Maybe we’ll even do categories. Like play your fave YUM YUM tunes of 2005 or something. Lets see about that. But you’ll be in for a treat.
Enjoy all the other new posts below and make sure to recheck this months YUM YUM top tune selection and both of our favourites – our version of Alicia Keys’ new hit and our interpretation/edit of Al Greens classic “New World” tune.