YUM YUM Comic of last Friday Sept 7th in Registratur


Page_1.jpg It was a massive night and my very favourite night in some time (not only music wise). But everything was working out just fine, the crowd, the atmosphere, the soundsystem, the right amount of new tracks and YUM YUM classics. I was enjoying myself. This night was truly living up to the YUM YUM name. Thanks for the massive response to all the new YUM YUM tunes. And sorry for the inconvenience at the door, but we all saw that it definitely pays off with more space to dance and more room to breathe. Everybody was loving the atmosphere, with grins and smiles all over the place, and that is just how this whole thing is supposed to be. The dance started the moment the people walked in the door – meaning 11.15 pm and stopped when we turned the lights back on. Amazing!!! Seems like you missed YUM YUM too. So make sure to check back with us in 2 weeks on Friday September 21st, when we have our YUM YUM TeamUp with Rewind. (for more info YUM YUM is on the first Friday of the month, where we invite other djs to jam with us – not battle) is on the third Friday of each month. Lets see how it works out.

And !!! Thanks for making it mine. YUM YUM Comic book of Friday September 7th.