YUM YUM last Friday and the upcoming one on October 20th


nutzfun.jpgLast Friday was a blast- Live atmosphere and a live crowd that really did it. By the early hours we all were exhausted from a unique night that was a massive dance with loads of smiley faces all around. Talking bout Smiley Faces – Our new versions went down extremly well and people were chantingRockin Robin” although that song is completely unknown and by “Roxannes Humps” you felt like this was one those nellyfurrryfun.jpgCoppa del Mundo Songs and you stood in the midst of a brazilian crowdThis months YUM YUM Top tune selection just seems to do it for everybody. I enjoy it myself so what more can i say. Truly massive night with all the people inside enjoying themselves to the max. Great new YUM YUM ahead of us on Friday October 20th (in 10 days). Really looking forward & Thanks for making it mine.
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