YUM YUM Skateboard Winner & next YUM YUM Friday in a week @ Registratur


yumym skateboard Kopie.jpgThis is a tuffy and i really have to come up with a system for the next skateboard. Yes there are going to be more…

Well anyhow it’s a tie between Surf who sent us this Charlie Brown/ Outkast Mashup Video. and Katha who sent us the MY GIRL remix. Both have the equal have the equal amount of votes (22) and i do have to mention Helena who sent us the beer commercial with the fugged link. Was supposed to be real funny and i guess she wanted to win this skateboard real bad, with all her friends sending in votes for her. I do have to count her in for the effort and for not standing a chance while i blew it (not posting the proper link).
So i think its fair to say its a tie between these three and i have to draw straws now. Actually flipping a coin.

I will actually throw in a second skateboard. So the winners now are: Helena & Katha, although surf was my favourite. Surf, I will get you at least another prize. But Katha & Helena both won a YUM YUM Skateboard. Surf be my guest – you are gonna get some gear from me and will automatically take part in our next skateboard competition. All of you will be contacted.

Ps next week, Friday August 17th is our very first YUM YUM @ the new Registratur. Keep that in mind, we will have more little gifts coming and see you in a second.