The Cohen Brothers are know for being maybe the most celebrated moviemakers in the world today, just look at their resumee. It’s hard to even find someone who comes close. Everybodys favourite movie list seems to include at least one Cohen Brothers movie and besides releasing some of the best movies for the past two decades, they are the grandmasters when it comes to using music in movies. Maybe only matched by Tarantino, but their approach and effect is a completely different one. They have a wide selection of outstanding musical moments in their body of work and even a few where the lack of music adds to the atmosphere created (think No Country For Old Men).

Their most recent release “Inside Llewyn Davis” is even about a young singer who tries to make it in the folk/singer scene in the early 60ies with way too many good songs to pick from for this list.

So here’s a playlist with what we, after a hefty debate with our artsy artschool friends, decided were the most outstanding musical moments in Coen Brothers movies. Here is the rundown: The Top 12 Songs Used In Coen Brothers Movies:

  • 12. Frank Patterson “Danny Boy” | Miller’s Crossing
  • 11. Four Tops “It’s The Same Old Thing” | Blood Simple
  • 10. Jose Feliciano “Let’s Find Each Other Tonight” | Fargo
  • 9. Gypsy Kings “Hotel California” | The Big Lebowski
  • 8. The Fugs “CIA Man” | Burn After Reading
  • 7. Alison Krauss “Down By The River” | Oh Brother Where Art Thou
  • 6. Carter Burwell “Way Out There” | Raising Arizona
  • 5. Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Are Made For Walking” | Fargo
  • 4. Kenny Rogers ” Just Dropped In” | The Big Lebowski
  • 3. Jefferson Airplane “Somebody To Love” | A Serious Man
  • 2. Bob Dylan “The Man In Me” |The Big Lebowski
  • 1. Soggy Bottom Boys “Man Of Constant Sorrow” |Oh Brother Where Art Thou


And here is the full playlist: