18 Best 90ies Broken Beat Jazzy Jams Playlist By MUNK!

Old buddy of mine and absolute producer veteran, and vet on the turntables is Gommas own MUNK who has been around for as long as i can remember. He is mostly know for his current productions under that same moniker and his globally reknowned GOMMA label. But seriously, dude knows way more than that! In the mid-late 90ies he was part of the epicentre of that whole jazzy broken beat UK sound that was sweeping the planet and maybe sowed the ground for todays bedroom turned boiler room producers. So since that whole ‘Trip Hop’ sound has somewhat of a renaissance in the day and age of post dubstep – i asked him for a playlist from back then and boy did he deliver…

This Is What The 90s Really Sounded Like!

I do remember most of the playlist, but i didn’t know we would have such a hard time finding it online. There are gems here that the world forgot about which need to be repackaged and reworked. Sidenote to all the kids reading this, before you sample some 90s r&b (again) for your 70-140 bpm tracks try some of the material on here, and seriously. The 90s was about way more than the Fresh Prince & Aalyiah! Here is a lesson in sound! You will recognize some of the names, especially those we added later on, since we couldn’t find half (?) of his original playlist and almost broke Google. Enjoy this playlist and take a trip down memory lane, or get an introduction to the superior effect that jazzy monotonous music has in combination with weed.

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MUNK’s 18 Best 90ies Broken Beat Jazzy Jams Playlist

MUNK’s actual Tracklist

Garsaaidi  : Frank zaffa –   orange Egg
Chaser : Sides of Iron  –  Soma
Yellow productions:    Vibration Mystique –  Yellow recordings
Lamb : Cotton Wool (Sacred Space Mix)  – Fontana
The Migthy Bop    baby Dream   Yellow recordings
Wagon Christ :  How you really feel   –  Rising High records
Palmskin productions: The Beats – MoWax
Pronoia:  The tribute    (Mind the Gab rec)
Snooze : Killa with a gun  (Fila Brazilla Rmx)    –  SSR/ Crammed Disc
Nitin Sawhney: Migration   Outcaste
Hunch:  template    Clear Up
Sokol   Mean clown Welcome  – Cheap
Earthling:  Nefisa  –  Cooltempo
Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits
U.N.C.L.E. feat Thom Yorke of RAdiohead – Rabbit In Your Headlight
Carl Craig – Bug In The Bass Bin
La Funk Mob – La Doctoresse

And of course the very first – Portishead Album