sweet serenade

“If you think sunshine brings you happiness,

then you haven’t danced in the rain.”


If there ever was a motto for this Mixtape series it’s pretty much summed up in the subtitle: Give you the heavens and the sunshine. What was meant by that becomes obvious when listening to the each of the series. Throughout the years there was always music needed to accompany you on your travels and every path taken appears to be a new and fresh journey – so this is what these mixes are about. The many listeners have thanked me for so many new artists they have found with the Sweet Serenade Mixtapes often and I open heartedly appreciate that. It was often demanded that we release these mixes as official Albums, but what’s the difference – at most its the quality – so here you go – the entire bundle as High quality versions. And one more thing – share it with your friends just like we have shared it with everyone else, your friends in real life not on your social media nets :)).

sweet serenade

Ps: Dear friends, below you’ll find a Bandcamp Playlist that runs for about 7h. So press play and let the music have you smooth sailing through your daily routines. No matter if its regular work, studying, daydreaming or simply swaying away in your hammoks. Appreciate life.