“Acceptance Is The Way Of The Universe”


Struggle and resist to what is as much as you want – it won’t change a thing. Must be the human condition, chained by your thoughts that makes you go down the same paths over and over again and hold on to established mind structures – good or bad. Some things in life are so obvious that you know it deep down inside, and you know they are bound to happen, but you won’t surrender to what is and you refuse to go with the flow. We don’t want a predestined story, we want surprises and adventures. We grasp for intimacy and then run off for our freedom (which is quite the opposite), we will pull until something gives in and then we will push until we hurt, and go through these changes the painful way… over and over again, until we finally surrender to what is… A lesson we have all already learned. Instead of all this resistence why not simply surrender to what is and let life surprise you?

bill_murray_gif_8Let me give you an example: These days i often hear “Everybody needs to be happy for him or herself”. That is true and beneath the surface of the ocean that you are, everyone, and i mean everyone, deeply is happy… but look who’s talking? Who says something like that? It’s often followed by “Once you are happy you are able to share it with someone else.” Again, who’s talking here? Certainly somebody judging happiness by his or her life situation, not by the alignment they have made with a deeper love that you are yourself and that is unshakable by changes on the outside. Watch your mind become motionless and silent… and see for yourself if you will say /feel / think anything conditional at all… especially something conditional about love and happiness. Two things that are all part of your inner original state. Your only state.

tumblr_mqnodeLWqD1rj9sw5o1_500The great indian mystic Maharaj said: “When i know i am nothing, that is wisdom. When i know i am everything, that is love. And between those two my life constantly flows.”

tumblr_n16rwjU1tB1rj9sw5o1_400Nothing stays the same is a profound wisdom – everythings in permanent flux – and i like hearing that in songs, especially if they are so well done and filled with great emotional masquerades like this one. So, we can’t argue with Nothing stays the same, we accept it fully and everythings ok – in the blink of an eye.

tumblr_n0ldnapx321rj9sw5o1_400To Look for permanence in an unpermanent world is foolish as even a tool like your mind’s logic would suggest. The Only permamanence you will ever find is the one that dwells deep inside of you. Untouched like the deep blue sea no matter what storms may take place on the surface. Eternally deep and infinite


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