Angus and Julia Stone (roundup)

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Here is a roundup of a fantastic Australian band called ‘Angus and Julia Stone’ which we do like a lot. Their new album is called ‘Down the Way’ and will be released on March 30th. I highly recommend to support this fabulous band and buy their stuff at your favorite record store. Nuff said. Here are the songs (including ‘Hold on’ and ‘Black Crow’ of the upcoming album):

[audio:|titles=01 Hold On]

Angus & Julia Stone – Hold On

[audio:|titles=02 Black Crow]

Angus & Julia Stone – Black Crow

[audio:|titles=Angus & Julia Stone – Silver Coin]

Angus & Julia Stone – Silver Coin

[audio:|titles=Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane]

Angus & Julia Stone – Paper Aeroplane

[audio:|titles=Angus & Julia Stone – Mango Tree]

Angus & Julia Stone – Mango Tree

If you like you can order the album at Amazon and show the some love on Twitter or visit their website.