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i dont have a tv and like any other digital native i use the rare opportunities infront of a tv to zap my way through the channels – just to turn it off after recognizing once again that tv is just lame. just recently i have seen one of merriweathers appearances on some german show and to be honest – the whole setup of all those playback musicians was ridiculous and while he was performing his hit tune “change” i couldnt help but notice just how fake the whole thing was, except him singing live – which was extremly good by the way. but hey come on daniel, you got talent, a voice to match and i guess the girlies are falling for you – you dont need that stuff. it wasnt even done well and it wasnt too much of a show. i guess some do it for the money others do it for the love.. (but anyway i wouldnt care much about some crappy german tv show either)

i bought his full length not too long ago just to realize that he had covered CCR, one of my fave bands ever:


daniel merriweather – you dont-know-what-love-is