black eyed peas where is the love chromemusic

After a good three months my favourite tropical producer is finally back with a a superb remix of”Where is the Love”. Remixing this Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake classic was long overdue anyways so thanks for this christmas present ! With much talk about Matoma and Kygo who just recently hit the #1 position on iTunes with his solo release, and the general tropical movement and actually the few quality releases that are really out, i reckon this guy to be strongest tropical fella that Germany has to offer, and he is just 3 tracks deep! What’s also pure quality about his tracks is that Djs play his tunes in almost any set and any style an the crowd just loves them, bc to be honest a lot of the tropical remixes are really just pan flutes & synths playing an EDM or the original melody with little to no arrangement and an often poor choice of source material. This guy is different and i wish he had more tracks out. But he told me that he kep himself busy in November & December doing official remixes for Lana Del Rey (to be released in january) and more big name calibres. With an official release set for every month in the first half of 2015 this guy is destined to go places. More LEEX on ChromeMusic

Ps don’t be fooled by the amount of likes & followers he has. So far he is just 2 tracks deep with almost little to no blog exposure and the “like facebok to download” trick that earned everybody else their folowers has been banned, since this brother stepped onto the scene. Make sure to collect all his quality releases so…. Follow the man on facebook ::: soundcloud ::: twitter ::: instagram