Cee Lo Green – I don’t care (Buddy Holly cover)


cee lo green – i dont care (buddy holly cover)

I am probably gonna be the only one who is gonna be playing this song at night (already did BTW and it went down great, with loud cheering & a few suspicious looks). This fits right in the YUM YUM sound and you will see this go down, i am promising you right now. So my friends are split in half, black guys & hip hop/ soul aficionados are like “Come back home Lo” and the white guys are like “who cares about Rock’n Roll?” Whatever….  I DON’T CARE, lol

My favourite leaked tune so far, from the upcoming Buddy Holly Tribute album, featuring the likes of Florence & the Machine, Black Keys and about anybody else that has a name right now. Ps check the amazing Black keys cover version of “Dearest”