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Cee Lo Green – I don’t care (Buddy Holly cover)


cee lo green – i dont care (buddy holly cover)

I am probably gonna be the only one who is gonna be playing this song at night (already did BTW and it went down great, with loud cheering & a few suspicious looks). This fits right in the YUM YUM sound and you will see this go down, i am promising you right now. So my friends are split in half, black guys & hip hop/ soul aficionados are like “Come back home Lo” and the white guys are like “who cares about Rock’n Roll?” Whatever….  I DON’T CARE, lol

My favourite leaked tune so far, from the upcoming Buddy Holly Tribute album, featuring the likes of Florence & the Machine, Black Keys and about anybody else that has a name right now. Ps check the amazing Black keys cover version of “Dearest”


Rockin Wednesday # 14 – The Rolling Stones

To many the Stones are more of a Blues than a Rock Band, but none of the less they contributed to Rock and Roll History like almost no other Band. Get the full story over here


Honky Tonk Women


Brown Sugar


Sympathy For The Devil


(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction