chromemusic top tunes feb

Germans are notorious as punctuality but you might have noticed already that we are not the best example for this clichee. So we missed our Top Tunes in January and shared with you our YUM YUM Top Tunes Yearbook of 2014 instead. But now it’s time to continue with our monthly collection of songs we listen to and simply love. Just with one little change we decided to make. Instead of calling it YUM YUM Top Tunes we go with CHROMEMUSIC Top Tunes from now on. It just makes more sense since we are collecting tunes of all genres and not just the typical YUM YUM sound. But don’t worry – we will still feed you with YUM YUM Versions and Mixtapes of our great Djs. And love, happiness and passion will always be included no matter how it’s called. Take it as a pre-spring detox thing. It’s like cleaning your closet – socks to socks, hoddies to hoddies. Everything is still there you will just get a better overview ;)

::: ChromeMusic Top Tunes February :::