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The smooth musings of Tropical House. We closed our eyes and where immersed in the heart of summer. This time around we went one on one with young Leex, who is making quite a name for himself.

1) Pre-performance meal?

Definitely Chinese or Italian food. Otherwise a beefsteak is awesome too.

2) What do you like most about Tropical House?

The best thing about Tropical House is the good-feeling atmosphere. It’s a whole new arrangement in House Music. The love about Tropical House music is endless. The feeling, the sound, the atmosphere, I love everything about it! Also love the way Tropical House is made.

3) Who should we be listening to?

You should listen to LYAR, LVNDSCAPE, Alex Adair, Deepend, Eklo, Le P, Tep No, Mahama, Bergs, Samuraii, Thero & the whole Tanz Dich Glücklich-Sqaud!

4) Last year, you choose a real throw-back with the “Where Is The Love” remix. How did you chose that song?

I thought about my favorite childhood songs! The first song in my mind was “Big City Life” by Mattafix. Really awesome song with a important message and Marlon Roudette’s voice is just incredible. The second song was “Where is the Love” by Black Eyed Peas, a beautiful song with an important message too.

5) Stemming off my last question, how do you select the lucky songs that get the Leex remix treatment?

The original songs should have a really powerful melodic refrain with an awesome singer to bring that tropical atmosphere to the limit.

6) Favorite venue to play?

Well, definitely outdoor at a sea or beach when the sun is shining :)

7) Favorite 90’s band?

The Prodigy.

8) Do all the Tropical House DJ’s combine heads for new ideas? Do you, Thomas Jack, Kygo, ever talk about what’s on the horizon for this genre?

I am very optimistic about the future. Every producer has their own way to produce Tropical House. Many producers (me included) experiment with Tropical House elements in different genres. This genre will definitely change with the times and incorporate other elements into itself but I think there will always be people who will support the genre. In my opinion, it’s just the beginning of something that will exist for a long time. Be prepared!