Cosmo Baker Mixtape “Still good” Mixtape


stillgood.jpgCosmo Baker from the Rub made a great new mixtape. Download it here:

“This mix is the sequel to my early summer mix “Feeling Good“. In that mix I tried to capture, using songs that I love and that have a very special meaning to me, a certain feeling that I equate with the beginning of summer. There’s a certain energy and electricity that is about during the first few weeks of the season, when everything seems alive and in it’s right place. For this mix I wanted to try and capture the stillness of summer, when the air is hot and the days are long, and time seems to be moving at a slower pace than normal. This is a companion piece to “Feeling Goodâ€? but it takes a different direction and deals with another type of – but no less intense – energy. Enjoy!â€?


Catherine Howe “Up North�
Tarika Blue “Dreamflower�
Archie Whitewater “Cross Country�
Lani Hall “Love Song�
Joe Sample “In All My Wildest Dreams�
Taj Mahal “Corinna�
Minnie Riperton “Les Fleur�
Batteaux “Maybe I’ll Run Away�
The Main Ingredient “Summer Breeze�
Quincy Jones “Summer In The City�
Cris Williamson “Shine On Straight Arrow�
Steve Davis “Lalune Blanche�
David Crosby “Music Is Love�
Shuggie Otis “Island Letter�
Sly & The Family Stone “(You Caught Me) Smilin’�
Larry T. & The Family “Where Does The Answer Lie?�
Archie Whitewater “Home Again�
Stevie Wonder “I Gotta Have A Song�
The Albert “One Life�
Odyssey “Battened Ships�
Linda Lewis “Old Smokey�
Milton Wright “Friends And Buddies�
Nina Simone “Feeling Good�