DJ Anonymous @ YUM YUM this Friday


to find out who this man is a what he plays check out his blog. Similar to ours, except he is all about music and more music – plus a real soulful dude. Sampo will be playing at YUM YUM Munich for the first time this Friday, and Saturday he is off to Innsbruck where he ll play @ Blue Chip with the Wax Wreckaz crew. Next week he is playing at YUM YUM in Moscow.

Anonymous is kind of the finnish Godfather as i got told by Heikki from Top Billin and to truly find out who someone is, there is nothing better but to check out the music one digs, and you can find his faves on his blog.

check out one of his more recent edits:


Freda Payne “Easiest Way to Fall” (Anonymous re-edit)

About Moscow: They pretty much used up all his press material, actually more like copy and pasted all of it. Don’t bother reading it. Its the regular dj discography that we all have – played alongside and opened up for.. Jesus Christ, Darth Vader, Vladimir Putin, etc, etc..Which never really gives away how much and how often you really rocked crowds without some big name to back it up (or at the end of the day the big name gets all the praise that was truly yours). This guy was voted best Dj in Finland 4 times!! Outstanding. So trust my judgement folks, this mans also friends with the same clique we are mingling with so he most def knows whats up… So get down to him, his music and not his discography.