Dj Mujavas Township Funk revisited


The much remixed “Township Funk” anthem from 2008 by Dj Mijava from South Africa was one of the milestones in the drastic change music has foretaken within the last half decade or so. There are many more tunes and artists to mention but this one introduced the world, more or less, to African Kwaito music and all the other urban sounds of Africa that followed shortly afterwards – or let the west know that there is a contemporary African music besides the Mtv clones and national crooners that you find everywhere. It also changed dance music to the point where people expect you to play a more complex drum pattern, which somehow seemed unthinkable in the popular dance scene (mind you drum & bass / broken beats – but i said ‘popular’lol). And as everything repeats itself in a ever accelerating tempo and those circles get smaller and smaller – Dj Mujavas Township Funk, especially the original, is one of those tunes that has somehow made it into mainstream (fuck that hipster talk) ‘popular’ awareness and that i keep hearing bumping out of cars, bars and even cafes these days… PS my rhymes be tight – like the Hiphopapotomus my rhymes are bottomless…

I heard it in Vienna, Berlin & Vienna on lots of occasions within a few weeks at the most diverse locations, but somehow it didnt add up. No new Rmx, Major Label Re-release or Beyonce singing on it LOL. Visit our website and get exclusive sign up free spins and no deposit real money bonuses. I guess its a strange summer and the worlds changing – in all directions. And thats a good thing

Here are my 3 favourite remixes – (whatever happened to Rob Threezy?) – and i am leaving out the Ashley Beedle rmx that was probably highest ranked so enjoy this fine wine, and if you get a chance grab the 115 Bpm version that i am still occasionally playing these days.

Township Funk: more Township Funk on chromemusic

Township Funk – DJ Mujava

Township Funk – Sinden remix

Township Funk – Rmx by Rob 3

Township Funk (Dubtraction’s Dubstep rmx)