Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
– Rumi

A Happy New Year!

happy new year cm 5

happy new year 3 cm

happy new year 2 cmhappy new year 1 cm

Dear 2014, I really enjoyed spending time with you. Not all of it – there were lonely and hard moments too. Moments when you built up a mirror cabinet for me and got really amused while watching me – not able to find my way out of it. But OK, thank you even for this. In the end I got your purpose behind everything. Sometimes you were really ridiculous (or was it me again?). Sometimes you were just breath-taking. And all in all – thank you for all the lessons you gave me, thank you for the joy and the  beautiful places you showed me and the lovely people to whom you guided me. And especially thank you for getting to know myself better. Day by day…

happy new year 4

And thank YOU for listening, (eventually not always) reading, supporting and following us! We hope you enjoyed this ChromeMusic year as much as we did. So here is a last, simply sweet song for you…Enjoy!