Doorly & Rusko

Two fine tunes by my favourite dubstep artits “Doorly” and “Rusko“. The first one is pretty fresh track from Doorly’s upcoming EP (the EP title is still unreleased, Crown Jewels is the name of the label – sorry for mixing that up!) featuring UK’s dancehall queen Lady Chann. The second one called “SNES Dub” is just an old but entertaining track I recovered wandering around the internet (it’s from Rusko’s Lost Dubs Volume 1). Speaking of entertainment, do you still remember the twitter war between pothead Rusko & Deadmau5 from the famous DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the middle of july? If not, here are a few lines to bring back memories:

“According to Rusko’s twitter, the Mau5 went running to some security guards after catching the dubstep master lighting up backstage. This did not sit too well with Rusko, so he did what any respectable man would do: hopped on the closest internet box and let loose via twitter”.

Hilarious! In case you want to see their verbal clash you should go there and aks yourself how to define grown men. Nonetheless it’s fun to read!

Nuff said, now enjoy listening!


Doorly – The One feat. Lady Chann


Rusko – SNES Dub 2

P.S.: Don’t forget, if you like their tracks, show them some love! And yeah, I know that the DEA is an American institution so actually that joke won’t work with Deadmau5 since that guy is Canadian.