Fela Soul (Fela Kuti meets De La Soul) – full reworked album by Gummy Soul


A mashup album combining sounds from Africas funk pioneeer, godfather of Afro Beat and alltime chromemusic favourite Fela Kuti with the impeccable classics of De La Soul (all available acapellas used). Download the full album via Band Camp


Gummy Soul – Fela Soul – Ooh (feat. Redman)


Gummy Soul – Fela Soul – Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz feat. De La Soul)

While talking about Fela Kuti, we had another great version of his ft Jay-Z on chromemusic 3 years ago. Remember the Nigerian Gangster album.


Fela Kuti & Jay-Z – American Dreamin’ (MikeLove’s Nigerian Gangster)