File not Found # 4 – Dj Honda “On the Mic”


I used to play this jam, and still did up until 3 years ago, when we all made the serato transition, somehow one of these tunes that got lost in the conversion, but i picked up on it last time i played and another case of #file not found got solved, lol. Just a solid record with a Rick James break and hook with a short passgae from Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh: “We’re.. just some man thats on the mic….” The rest is history. Find the original sample source below. One of my favourite hiphop 12″ from the new school that had its rise somewhen in the late 90s. Enjoy this tune as you probably already have a million times. Never grows old and enjoy the YUM YUM warmup tune below!

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Dj Honda – On The Mic (feat. the Beatnuts) (Album Version)

not really the Beatnuts, more like A.L., Al’ Tariq, Black Attack, Cuban Link, Juju, Problemz

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Rick James – Mary Jane

*** XXTRA Bonus  YUM YUM version of The Message (Gr Flash) using that Honda Beat***

the message yum yum warmup edit by chrome


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Gr Flash & Dj Honda “the Message” (chromes YUM YUM warmup tune)