Heavy Metal makes me cry…


Alicia Keyes press photo.jpgK, you fell for the attention grabber:

Alicia Keys “No One” …but Ten other Ones
Alicia Keys is getting the same north, south, east, west, up & down remix treatment Rihannas umbrella got this summer. I alone already play 4 different versions (inclding a new YUM YUM version) and know of at least 9 existing ones. Well here comes # 10. Surely not the best one but maybe the one that differs the most (so far).
Alicia Keys “No One (Ross Hogg Reggae Remix)

The best one is probably the one with a famous Reggae singer. I am not gonna give away much more but… good luck finding that one. PS – Already a YUM YUM favourite. Allright… you found it.
Ps. Love the HipHop version with that famous old school break. A little bit of drums is all it takes.

K, so here is a sum up:

No One (Ross Hogg reggae Remix)
Alicia Keys & Jr Reid “No One (Reggae Rmx)“.
The next Alicia Keys single will be “Like you’ll never see me again“.
Alicia Keys “No One (Uptown Remix)