It’s kind of a Funny Story. A movie that uncompromisingly creeps into your heart. It makes you recall just how beautiful this life can be, because it’s so (temptingly) insane. Or because you are nuts yourself. Or simply nuts at times. Or not insane at all, but then life wouldn’t be that beautiful.

And for these (special) moments, where madness and beauty go hand in hand, only one song fits. “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies. Maxence Cyrin, with his graceful elegance, rendered the song anew on the piano. And yes, in the same manner that his hands tenderly fly across the keys, your thoughts can go spinning in circles, go raving in your mind or aim in all directions at once. Simply mental

Honestly my thoughts rarely stop spinning at 2:47 min. And piano music can run for hours anyway. Seems like someone had the same thought/idea and looped the music. 35 min for your thoughts. Those of you who can’t stop after that, should reconsider that thing about madness ;)