We’re a bit late, but Toby has met Achtabahn last week before they’ve played on our last ChromeMusic Night.

1) What´s behind the name Achtabahn?

We had an exciting time beginning of 2014, live was a bit like a rollercoaster-ride, ups and downs, even a kind of loop – we thought about this mood when we chose the name Achtabahn for our new common project – Achterbahn means rollercoaster in German

2) Can you explain what your genre of House music is?

We were in the studio and built new tracks (wouldn’t call it work J) the basic thing is indeed spontaneity, we follow the instinct of the moment and love the influence of different genres, our current single f.i. bears a significant reggae-flavor. And we steadily love to jam with new people, singer or musicians with good or better excellent skills. Our studio-door is always open and meanwhile the guys outside know this and use it. + we run a fantastic international network via the known social-media platforms.

3) What’s your dream festival to play?

Tomorrowland wouldn’t be so bad

4) What kind of personal routine is important to you?

Our routine is some kind of hyperactivity – mostly “on” and active – rarely “off” and passive

5) What artists do you draw on for your influence?

Our most recognized artists are possibly the Kalkbrenner-Brothers, a bit strange as their music is very different to what we do but somehow they influenced us with their timeless music

6) Five artists you follow on spotify, soundcloud, hypem, facebook, instagram (can be anything from a drug guru to a yoga instructor :)

Paul Kalkbrenner, Format B , Notorious Big , Robin Schulz

7) Which song do you sing under the shower when nobody can hear you?

Heino – Blau blüht der Enzian

8) What do you eat before a performance?

1-2 beers are ok

9) What should we be listening to?

„to the king“ and look out for the next one – wow

10) 3 Movies and 3 Songs that describe your life so far… ( or characterized your life, not sure how to say in english)

Berlin Calling , Inception , Grown Ups -> Movies; Party&Bullshit – Notorious Big , Eye of the Tiger – Survivor , Let me entertain you – Robbie Williams ;)

11) What is a singer, male or female, you would like to collaborate with?

Milky Chance