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Last week i sat down with Fabich and we talked about his music. It was really nice to met my friend from munich! Listen to his music below.

1) What´s behind the name Fabich?

Fabich is actually my real last name.

2) Can you explain what your genre of House music is?

The music I produce is mostly “feel good” music with different influences ranging from Uk to French house.

3) What’s your dream festival to play?

I’ve attended the Ultra Music Festival in Miami a couple of times as a guest and it has always been amazing! So many different artists coming together in this beautiful city plus the warm weather and beaches are just perfect…

4) What kind of personal routine is important to you?

I’m kind of spontaneous, so no personal routine for me. Especially when I make music its always important for me to have some kind of inspiration and that can happen anytime… I’m a night owl though so I definitely need lots of Coffee and Spezi to keep me awake during the day! ;-)

5) What artists do you draw on for your influence?

I don’t really have many musical influences to be honest, what really inspires me though are people that push the boundaries in their culture. that could be either a music producer like diplo but also fashion designers, actors, painters and so on… I always find it interesting when people do stuff that hasn’t been done before.

6) five artists you follow on spotify, soundcloud, hypem, facebook, instagram (can bew anything from a drug guru to a yoga instructor :)

@FuckJerry on instagram always makes me laugh
VICE’s Munchies Food Channel series with Action Bronson
Andy Puddicombe, you already mentioned it, he actually is a meditation instructor – helps me to stay focused when there’s a lot going on… :)
@Vibes on Instagram, love the aesthetics on there, lots of fashion, architecture etc…
Ray Kurzweil – he’s a futurist and I love his blog

7) Which song do you sing under the shower when nobody can hear you?

Frank Sinatra – Girl From Ipanema

8) What do you eat before a performance?

I try to eat something healthy and light to make up for any drinking that might happen afterwards

9) What should we be listening to?

If you don’t know them yet check out my friends Ferdinand Weber, Saint WKND, LCAW, Mynga, Dinnerdate, Tai & Jetique – they are all based in Munich and make great music. Also watch out for Delusion & JackLNDN, super talented guys.

10) 3 Movies and 3 Songs that describe your life so far… ( or characterized your life, not sure how to say in english)

That’s a really tough question, does 1 Movie, 1 Song and 1 Book count?
I’d go with:

Book: J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye
Song: N*E*R*D – Run To The Sun
Movie: Rebel Without A Cause

11) What is a singer, male or female, you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to be in a session with Pharrell Williams just to get an idea of how he works in the studio! Collaboration wise it would be cool do do something crazy with The Weeknd. I did a bootleg to one of his tracks together with Ferdinand Weber a while back which he loved – you never know that the future holds…. :)