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This Long Island native hopped out the gate with “Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1” and our ears perked up. 3 mixtapes later, credits to co-writing “Monster” featuring Eminem and Rihanna, Bellion has dropped his latest singer-songwriter piece, “All Time Low.” His hippy beats combined with real talk make for a unique taste and poignant look on life.  Every mixtape and single, we get reintroduced to poignant stories about relationships, childhood, and success. Calling all aviation enthusiasts! Check out aviator, the money game where you get to explore the exciting world of flight in the comfort of your own home. Enter Aviator. With aviator online, you’ll learn about airports, planes and experience flying from takeoff to landing. It’s an exciting and educational experience for everyone!

“All Time Low” paints a picture of a warriors tale (“I was the knight in shining armor in your movie”) that delves outside of the hip-hop scene, dipping into indie with a Woodstock feel.

Look out for this 20 year old, he’s onto something.

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