“If You’re lookin’ for the man that will walk away from responsibility – I ain’t the one,
And if You’re lookin’ for the brotha that’ll treat You like anything but a queen – I ain’t the one, No, no, no, I ain’t the one”

“But if You’re lookin’ for a man that’ll sweep You off your tired weary feet,
Pay your bills, buy You pretty dresses, And take You anywhere You wanna eat,
Make love to You every night of the week, Oh, don’t think it over, girl,
Look no further – I am the one, Oh yes I am…”

A well done Prince cover & interpretation for such a heartfelt song. Kudos to Bernhoft.

Well if you’re still looking for Mr(s) Perfect, someone to match your mindmade contructs and meet you expectations, good luck! Just remember not even you can meet your own expectations so how can you demand it? Drop it all, free your mind and surrender to what is. watch what happens!