Klassen Treffen Party this Friday, Dec 18th with Massive Töne Disco



The concept of this party is easy – the acts, djs, bands you grew up on, play the music they love NOW. Meaning you have a vivid mix of old and new and a transparency of who the artist really is. People don’t just show up to celebrate the old days but to catch up and see what has become of one. Speaking in musical terms – finding how the sound has developed – how much variety and openness one brings to the table and of course celebrating the old to the new. And what better time then shortly before christmas, when everyones home during the daytime and out to kick it with old buddies at night.


Kickoff is with the Massive Töne Disco, who in my opinion were among the few german hiphop bands i could play in my regular sets – meaning american, french and british music. They brought a certain freshness to the table which was lacking from so many bands in germany at that time, but things have changed and only judging by how much these guys have gotten involved into new music, their recent trip throughout the African continent – one guy being one half of electronic producers BASS ILL EURO, one of them doing all the Portuguese/Angolan stuff and so forth. You see these guys separately and combined are where its at. If you are into Hiphop or not doesn’t matter, because they cover it all with style and grace. Ecclectic at its best.

To support them, we have 2 YUM YUM veterans to back them up – local Max Mausser, who has by now built a reputation to play the most soulful tunes, packed in a oldschool party vibe and floor Big Room Don and other half of BASS ILL EURO: dj Passion.

Facts: This Friday, December 18th @ the new P1 (thats right)/ doors open 11pm.

Here’s an old track to send you back down memory lane – this is from 99 and called Chartbreaker. Still to this day i am feeling the sample and the hook – thats what makes up a classic, N’est-ce pas?


Massive Töne – Chartbreaker

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