By far my favourite, arty lyric video that is out there. By now i got bored to death (no not by the religion of peace) but by all those animated fonts dancing in circles to give meaningless words from even more empty meaningless songs some kind of cucked beta meaning. This is honest and has nothing to do with ‘True Love’, and ever since i quit working with LNZHD, to chase my own ideas of music, i think their sound has improved a 100% and they went all the way! Ignacio has significantly matured and his new song is by far the best LNZHD i have heard this far. He fulfilled his vision of how lnzhd or actually he has to sound and come across, and it reflects the man i know better than what everybody else “in his corner” has been spoonfeeding him. Finally there is some sincerity and the sound is a bit rough around the edges, w/o over compromising and none of that teenage latin lover crap “industry connoisseurs” have been pushing on him (aka pushing their own agendas and careers). Also, very good job Tati & Eric – must have taken some nerves man! A lot of punching and pushing and screaming and having to do everything by yourselves! Best thing is you did it all by yourselves folks and doesn’t that feel just right?! Best damn feeling in the world. My favourite piece of non-goatfucker music out there. To everybody reading this, make sure your artists get off that R&B fagfest happening atm. Very well an international tune and a definitive WIN. I see this going places!

Maybe you now understand why i was against that whole early major label signing. Give acts room to breathe first. Godspeed!