Mayer Hawthorne “The Walk” & Live Dj Set


Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

“The Walk” is the 2nd single from his upcoming album “How Do You Do”, out Oct 11th.

MayerHawthorne – Do Over Mix – 2011

And here is his live set from his gig at LA’s Do Over party. I like the Do-over and their website but a few guys are trying to bring that party to Berlin, which makes no sense. The party lives because of LA, and the many music affiliated people visiting Cali to play some soul & proper hip hop sound and the crowd getting down to the sounds on a chill sunday afternoon. Well i heard the live sets (the one by rick medina & somebody else) and i must say i liked them a lot, but they are not surprising to any of us, since they are playing the “real” shit, which is what everybody does in germany, all that posh r&b laced pop rap never really caught on here, but its huge in the states (ginormous to be exact) and thats why this party differs in the states, but its different down here. Its kinda common to do that. Let Berlin do its own thing with the folks living there already instead of importing more stuff from the states.

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