M.I.A. “Hombre is in the groove” (rmx)


You gotta love M.I.A. for all the weird sounding music she has made mainstream and was definitely one of the pioneers of all thats happening right now. This mashup by Norways dj Prince is no different. I cant recall a single remix, version, baile treatment, mashup that used dee-Lites “Groove is in the heart” and that seemed to work better than the original. I am not saying this one does a 100% but it gives it the beat a different twist and M.I.A.s vocals just seem to work on everything. Enjoy this party mix and play it out loud. (ps. @ Dj Prince – dont call it a mashup dude, that stuffs really played out and sounds like herpes – Captain Artschool, over and out, like whatever..)