Marvin & Mos – a match made in heaven Harlem.

I am not really a big fan of Mashup Albums, since they mostly use the same vocals and tunes over and over,and make us and the rest of the clout here go…


But this combination just worked on the first “Yassin Gaye” album, so why not make another one? Here is Vol 2 and “My Umi Says” has to be my favourite, that’s why i posted it separately. Since the original was one of those tunes that i kept playing till the record became unplayable. Marvin & Mos a match made in heaven Harlem.

Another album to make the hip hop hardliners go…


UPDATE: After listening to this Album for two days straight, i sudenly stopped and realized how utterly brilliant this piece really is.


i can now assure that this is a work of art. Fun filled art, and so many little pain in the a** details (for a producer) that make up the sum of everything you hear. Somebody put a whole lot of effort into his, her or their work and it really pays off. Kudos for this masterpiece of a free album. Collector’s item.

The brilliant “My Umi Says” rework:

 Full Album Stream (Grab the Free DL):